• Eternity for Her

    Eternity for Her

    romantic. timeless. luxurious. inspired by the ideal of lasting love and intimacy, is a romantic floral fragrance. this harmonious blend of classic and contemporary is truly the perfect combination of timeless quality and modern style.

    eau de parfum spray
    body wash
    body lotion
    deoderizing body spray

  • Eternity for Him

    Eternity for Him

    the spirit of today's man: sensitive yet masculine, refined yet strong with a modern vitality and confidence. a classic, refreshing scent that's exhilarating and distinctly masculine with a cool, crisp edge and a warm, woodsy trail.

    eau de toilette spray
    deoderant stick
    deoderizing body spray limited edition
    after shave balm
    after shave
    hair and body wash